What You’re Really Made Of

inthepositivezone-http://bit.ly/1fc2mqS Pic from: http://www.hypothyroidmom.com

Until you’re in that situation where you’re basically forced to handle it you’re usually unaware of just how strong and resilient you really are.  Going along throughout your normal day and routine and you hear of someone else’s tragedy, they found out they have cancer, or their kid has a terminal illness, or their spouse suddenly died of a heart attack, or they find out their spouse has been cheating on them, maybe they’re home was destroyed.  Then you think to yourself, I just don’t think I could handle that.  You look at those others as superhuman for being able to get through it all and survive.

Truth is you’re no different than them.  When the tragedy hits home, that is when you’re true strength comes to surface.  It is then that you learn what you’re made of.  And each time you go through one of these events, you get even stronger.  You gain wisdom from it all as well.  And you’re confidence level increases.

The next time you fall into one of these rough times, remind yourself of what you’ve survived so far.  Think on how you handled the last event and are still standing.  Tell yourself you will survive because you are strong.

In the Positive Zone


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