The Grieving Smile

Grieving.  A difficult process for us all.  No matter who you are, we all go through these 5 stages in our own time:






And there are different kinds of grief as well.  Sometimes you can grieve over the loss of someone close to you that you thought you knew well but ends up you don’t.  Or the loss of a childhood you never had due to abuse.  But the kind of grief we’re talking about with this video is the loss of loved ones.

I can’t imagine the pain a kid could feel from the loss of their parent.  They can feel like they were jipped out and make them doubt God’s love for us.  The despair they must feel.  The people you look up to and depend so much on are now gone, instantly.  I have such empathy for any kid that has to go through that.

But, as I watched this video, it touched my heart.  This little boy decided to cope with his grief in a way that also brings a smile to others around him.  As we know, helping others feel good by bringing a smile to their face can in return help us feel better.  To have that genuine love and care for others is what we’re called to do in life.  His pain is being turned into comfort by helping others.  Pure unselfish love.

I am currently trying to find out some more information on how to send donations or toys to this beautiful young boy.  If you find anything in the meantime, please respond in feedback, would be much appreciated.  I just love these kind of heartwarming and loving videos.

If you are currently experiencing grief, just know that it is normal to go through all those 5 stages.  Hang in there and be good to yourself, comfort yourself.  No matter what type of grief it is, you will get through it.  It’s one of those things all of us wish we didn’t have to endure, but from it we always become stronger than ever.  And if you can find a way to use it to help others in need, even better!

In the Positive Zone


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