Shrug It Off

How to deal with a Sourpuss.
How to deal with a Sourpuss.

How do you deal with a sourpuss?  Shrug it off!

There was time I used to allow that type of person to really get under my skin.  I tried to figure out why they would act that way towards someone as friendly as me.  What was it about me that they found unacceptable?  Was it what I’m wearing, how I’m walking, how I look, how I talk?  I’d beat myself up and feel angry for doing so.  Why should I feel bad when they are the ones snubbing me for no apparent good reason?

Then I began to wise up.  I started realizing that it wasn’t about me after all.  It was about them. For whatever reason, they’re either not happy with their current life situation or the person they are.  And the only way they know how to attempt to make themselves feel better is to make others feel like something is wrong with them.

Of course, there are times when someone might be having a really rough day or maybe they are in deep thought about a troubling issue and they snub you without being aware.  Either way, whether it’s purposeful or not, the best way to handle it is to let it roll on over you.  Just know that it’s not about you.  Same goes for someone who is rude, cuts you off in traffic or in conversation, or someone who tries to belittle you or sarcastically criticize you.  Let it roll off you’re back.  It’s not about you, never was.

Decide to refrain from allowing your emotions to take control.  Remind yourself that that’s just one person.  One person that is obviously either preoccupied or miserable.  Remind yourself that you know you’re okay either way.  And that you can be independent of the opinions of others.  Life is too short to let others get under your skin for such insignificant things.  There’s always going to be that kind of person wherever you go.  Accept it and be comfortable with yourself.  Let it make you feel just that much better about yourself.

Keep smiling, and when you come across someone who scowls at you when you give them a smile, smile even BIGGER, be even NICER.  Help them recognize the attitude they are displaying.  Be a motivator, a light, an example, an encouragement.


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