My Bold & Honest Walk

Walk Boldly in your Truth
Walk Boldly in your Truth

Once upon a time, I felt I needed to be, look and do a certain way in order to be liked and accepted.  It took a lot of years to realize that the real me had been hidden out of fear of rejection.  As soon as I made the choice to take a chance on letting the real me shine through I began feeling a sense of inner freedom I had never known.

This realization propelled me to start doing things I would have never thought about doing before.  If I was no longer worried about what others thought about the real authentic and imperfect me,  I had more energy to devote to doing the things that I had only dreamed about. And on the way, I learned that a lot of others really felt the same way I did.  They had similar fears and worries about what other people thought about them.  This was a comforting thought. I wasn’t the only one out here that felt a certain intimidation by others who appeared to have it all figured out.

To my surprise, I started finding out that I was more liked than I imagined.  That others weren’t even half as critical of me as I was with my own self.  I was my own worst enemy.  The real me had been held prisoner by my critical self for so many years.  I had to learn who the real me was.  What the real me liked and didn’t like.  A transformation was taking place.  I felt ecstatic, and very free!

Just remember to always be your authentic self.  Don’t try to impress others in order to gain approval.  Their approval of you is not necessary.  Approve of yourself and that is all you need to be happy.

100% Authentic
100% Authentic

In the Positive Zone


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