Need Stress Relief?

Need Stress Relief?
Need Stress Relief?

Take a walk outside.

Really take in all the wonders of nature.  Breathe deeply and just notice all the sounds, sights, smells all around.  We mostly skip right past so many unique and beautiful sights because we’re so caught up in our thoughts about what we need to do next. I’ve started making it a habit that when I walk outside to allow myself the time to just watch the squirrels playing around in the trees, birds searching for worms or gathering supplies for a nest, bugs trying to get to their next destination.  It doesn’t take that much time to notice these things. And it invites much needed inner peace.  Helps you have a different perspective on life.  Also helps you recognize those little things you place too much significance on.

Make a Massage appointment.

True, the effect just doesn’t last near as long as you’d like, but when you go often enough, it has a cumulative effect.  The benefits of massage for your emotional life are significant.  And if you can’t ever seem to make enough time to get to an appointment, at least buy some type of massage chair or other massage items for the home.


A good practice to get into daily, is visualization.  It’s where you find a comfy place to sit, without any distractions, close your eyes and visualize a place of your own where you feel safe and relaxed.  It could be anywhere, on the beach, in a little cottage, on a mountain, just wherever your mind takes you.  It also helps you get a better picture in your mind if you turn on some type of nature sounds in the background.  Try to really get into the picture.  Notice everything around you, the feeling of the air, the smells, the sights, the sounds.  Notice how relaxed you start feeling within a few minutes.  This takes practice and especially if you don’t have a vivid imagination.  But it won’t take long to get the hang of it if you consistently stick with it.


It is well known that even 10 minutes of physical activity can alleviate stress, tension, anxiety or depression.  Make that 30 to 60 minutes and you’re doing your body and your mental health a big favor.  Our bodies were designed to do some sort of physical activity every day in order to function properly.  And that goes for our mental health as well. It doesn’t have to be in the gym. It can be gardening, hiking, playing golf, a walk around the neighborhood, just as long as you are exerting yourself enough to get your heart rate up.  I’ve been a workout nut for many many years and the only way I would ever stop, is basically if I’m dead.  I push myself through hard workouts because I keep in my mind the entire workout, of the many rewards I get from it afterward.

And those are just a few of my own personal proven stress relievers.  There are more, but I’ll save that for another post.  Don’t want to get too lengthy here.  I’ll let you get to your stress relieving session.

In the Positive Zone


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