3 Most Important Ingredients for Successful Relationships

3  Most Important Ingredients for Successful Relationships
3 Most Important Ingredients for Successful Relationships

What does it take to have a really great relationship?  And not just the romantic type.  Whether it’s friendship or a business partnership, there are certain ingredients it takes to make it work well.


This is a big one.  We don’t always truly “listen” what the other person is saying.  We’re too busy thinking about responding back to what they are saying.  By doing this, we come to wrong conclusions and miss out on really understanding where they’re coming from.  Everyone loves the person who sincerely listens.  And you can tell when someone is listening or just hearing you talk.  You actually feel it.  They often repeat what you just said as in trying to fully understand what you’re telling them.  Practice listening instead of rehearsing what you want to say next.  It means a lot.


Respect is something we all like to have from others.  When you respect someone, you can easily disagree with their point of view, opinion, decisions without becoming angry.  People that don’t know the meaning of respect usually have some kind of control issue in their lives.  They want to be able to control how others think, feel, do.  They feel threatened if others do not agree with how they think.  But in order to respect others, you first have to know how to respect yourself.  A relationship runs so much smoother when both people respect each other.  A good relationship doesn’t mean you’ll never have disagreements.  It means that both of you know how to agree to disagree and love each other anyway.


Another important ingredient, communication.  I’ve seen many couples who have communication breakdown.  One person gets angry and proceeds to use the “silent treatment”, another attempts to get revenge for what the other person said or did to them, and some do nothing but yell each other all the time.  These tactics are nonsense.  They are childish games people play in order to try to manipulate the other into doing what they want.  That’s not happiness, that’s just plain misery.  If two people cannot sit down and discuss problems or ideas in a mature adult way, they have no business being together.  Life is too short to waste with someone who cannot communicate in a harmonious and peaceful way.  And if you are currently in a relationship with poor communication, you can choose to change.  But it takes 2 people for it to work.  When both parties are able to talk and discuss instead of yell and fight, a relationship can truly blossom into something fantastic.

Work on building a positive relationships.  Strive for peace and harmony.  Less stress, more happiness.

In the Positive Zone


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