How Asking Yourself Questions Heals

How Asking Yourself Questions Heals
How Asking Yourself Questions Heals

In meeting new people, asking questions is the best way to get to know them better.  It’s the same way with your own self. Ask yourself more questions and you begin to know yourself better. I started getting into that habit long ago during a bout of uncertainty about a certain decision.  I started asking myself some questions, as if I was another person listening to me, and the answers came out.  Those answers are always within you.  Asking questions helps bring them to light.

Feeling DOUBTFUL about making a decision?

Ask yourself “what would be the benefits if I choose this route, or benefits of another route?”  “Will I regret it if I don’t do this?” “What are the consequences I might face if I decide to do this?”

Feeling ANXIETY?

Ask yourself “What is it I’m really anxious about?”  “Where is this anxiety actually coming from?”  “What could I possibly do to reduce this anxiety right now?”  “What good is this anxiety doing me?”  “What is it that makes me feel instantly calm, relaxed, at ease?”  “What kind of picture can I visualize that would make me instantly relax?”

Feeling WORRIED?

Ask yourself “What is the absolute worst case scenario?” “What would happen if I chose to wipe this worry out of my mind right now?”  “Is this worrying actually solving my problem?”  “Has any of my worries ever solved a problem before?”  “How would I feel if I chose to just let go?”  “What can I do to distract my mind off of this worry thought?”  “What if I chose to put this worry thought on hold until later?”

Feeling Angry?

Ask yourself “Is this anger affecting me or the other person more?”  “What am I actually accomplishing with this anger?”  “How can re-direct this anger into something more positive?”  “What if I decided to delay this anger until such and such time?”  “How is this anger benefiting me right now?”  “Where is this anger truly coming from?”  “Is there something deeper within me that is causing this anger instead of just what’s on the surface?”  “How much better would I feel if I let go of this anger?”  “What is a better way I could handle this anger?”

Feeling Hopeless?

Ask yourself “How many times have I felt this way before and it faded?”  “Is it really hopeless or is this just a fleeting emotion?”  “What makes me feel good?”  “What are some things I have accomplished?”  “What did I do the last time I felt this way?”  “What have I felt excitement about in my past?”  “Is it possible this is just normal and that nothing ever stays the same?”  “What if I remind myself that this too shall pass?”

Asking ourselves questions like these can really help you get through the rough times in life.  Be your own best friend. Ask yourself questions really listen.  You have all the answers within you.  Be your own counselor.  You know yourself better than anyone else.  Trust yourself.

In the Positive Zone


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