It’s Just Me

It's Just Me
It’s Just Me

That’s a phrase I’ve always used and still do.  So, here I’ll use it again.  It’s just me with one of those Positivity type blogs where personal life experiences and insights are shared in short little articles.  I don’t ever claim to be some type of expert.  I’m not a natural born writer.  I’m not a therapist, or a salesman, or self help guru.  I’m just me attempting to share with others things I’ve learned on my life path for 51 years now.

I wanted to let you know why I publicize this blog.  I do it because I’ve always had this passion for helping others.  So much of a passion that I decided to start a practice where I teach others how to do EFT (emotional freedom techniques, a tapping technique that helps you get control over your thoughts) and Guided Visualization.  I learned these particular techniques initially to help myself with my own issues but then realized I could reach out to others and teach the same thing.  My business took off fairly well and I continued it for 8 years.  And in those 8 years, I truly learned a great deal in working with others and their emotional issues.  It really gave me a different perspective on life.  And it also gave me a deeper appreciation for those that are striving to overcome obstacles in their lives.

After 8 years, I was led in another direction.  Still a concentration on helping others, but in a different way.  In this blog, I share the lessons I’ve learned in life thus far.  I’ve had a long and very bumpy road in life but I am still here and still full of hope.  Like I said, I’m no writer so my words may not be presented as pretty as some other blogs but it’s always straight from my heart.

I hope that if you’ve stumbled across this site that you may find some things that inspire or motivate you.  And of course, if you can relate to any of the things posted, always feel free to share your thoughts.  I love connecting with others and sharing ideas, and stories.

Thank you for stopping by!

Kimmie-  In the Positive Zone


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