What It’s Like In Sugarholic Rehab

Sugarholic Rehab
Sugarholic Rehab

Yes, I was a 100% bonafide out of control Sugarholic.  I suffered from sugarholism.  Don’t snicker (mmm, snickers), it’s a real thing.  And I didn’t come to terms with how serious it was until several years ago.  I was so wrapped up in the habit I couldn’t see what I was really doing to myself.  It’s really no different than a drug addict or alcoholic.  Granted, it won’t kill you as quickly as those will but nonetheless, it’s a serious addiction.  The drug of choice, sweets.

I will confess, embarrassingly as it is, that I had such cravings for sugar that I would sit and eat almost a whole bag of white powdered donuts.  Other times, after dinner it would be a huge bowl of ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup along with a big brownie, and then maybe a large piece of cake later on.  Making my stomach hurt just thinking about that.  But I was heavily addicted to the white stuff.  And the only thing that kept me from being fat is the fact that I worked out like a crazy person at the gym, along with racquetball and tennis.

Sugar was my best friend.  It comforted me.  It helped me to ignore deeper seated emotional issues from my past.  That sweet taste of those extra icing huge hot melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls just made any bad feelings fade away, but only temporarily.  Then I needed another fix.  It was a vicious cycle and felt as though it would be far too painful to give up.

Then began the feelings of low energy and some pounds beginning to show up, regardless of how hard I worked at the gym. Something hit me one day that made me recognize the amount of sugar I was ingesting each day.  I had seen an ad somewhere about what sugar does to the body.  That came back to me and it woke me up.  That’s all it took.  I told myself “I am literally out of control with this stuff and I am beginning to feel horrible.”

That same day, I vowed to quit all the sweets.  And I did.  I went through withdrawal.  It was extremely tough for the next several months.  I craved it so bad.  I would see commercials with cookies, cake, etc. and have to change the channel quickly. If someone I was with at a restaurant ordered dessert, it was murder, and even more so if they offered me some of it.  But I did it.  And it became easier as time went on.

So how did I do it?  I simply reminded myself at each temptation moment the reason I was quitting.  And the reason has to be one that means enough to you to make an impact.  I knew I was feeling so sluggish, no energy, and gaining weight and that’s not what I desired.  I kept in mind the goal of wanting to feel light, energized, and as fit and lean as I had been once before. That’s what did it.  Those reminders kept me going and staying true.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

After being a Sugarholic basically all my life, I said no more!  It’s now been 5 years and I’m still standing strong.  Of course, it’s impossible to cut out ALL sugar because sugar is in everything we eat.  I just swore off the refined stuff, that’s in all the sweets.  And I’ve never felt better.  You could set a dish of Cheesecake (my all time fav) right in front of me and I can resist, I know I will not touch it, because it’s like being an alcoholic.  For me, just one bite is all it would take to slip back into it, so I completely stay away from it.  So, it hasn’t been easy, but so worth it.

Life is all about choices!

In the Positive Zone


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