As I Began to Love Myself


I really love this Self Love Poem by Charlie Chaplin.  It is so true that when you begin to honestly love and accept yourself for who you are, you free yourself from all those things that try to tear you down.  The things, people and situations that weigh heavily on your soul and wreak havoc on your mental and physical health.

Once you start loving yourself, you start to create healthier boundaries and being able to know the difference between being loving and caring towards others and being stepped on all the time.  You start to have more of a desire to treat your body well by feeding it clean and healthy foods and lots of pure water.  You start avoiding things that contaminate your body, like preservatives in food, smoke, over consumption of alcohol.  You start to really care about things you didn’t care much about when you didn’t love yourself.  The company you keep starts to become those that have the same self love as you do, and similar outlooks on life, more positive, more upbeat, more respectful.

Wonderful things begin to happen once you start learning how to treat yourself as the very special person you truly are.

In the Positive Zone


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