Behind the Smile

Behind the Smile
Behind the Smile

Sitting in the salon chair yesterday afternoon, I began talking with my stylists’ assistant.  She was a young girl, probably in her early 20’s would be my guess.  Very friendly and pleasant personality.  And being the type of friendly and open person that I am, it’s easy for me to connect with others on a deep emotional level.  Which is why I had the alternative therapy practice I had for 8 years.  Most all the clients that came to a session with me said the same thing, “you’re so easy to talk to and I haven’t told anybody this before until now.”  So, I think this girl felt that connection while talking to me and began telling me some personal things that have gone on in her life.  I could see the hurt and pain in her eyes as she talked.  I could tell she needed to hear herself talk about these things in order to heal.  She felt a certain trust in telling me these things.  By the way, this wasn’t the first time I had ever talked to her before, she has been an assistant to my stylist for a while now.

The point is, everyone has a story behind their smile.  Some people are able to cover up their hidden pain really well.  When you offer your sincere kindness and show you care by listening to someone who might be hurting secretly, you help them more than you could imagine.  They might not have anyone else that will listen to them.  And maybe that’s all it would take for them to be inspired and have more hope.  That alone, is worth way more than giving someone money.

I appreciated this girl for trusting me enough to tell me what she did.  I think she felt a little relief in getting it off her chest.  I told her I understood because I’ve had similar traumatic experiences in my early life.  I said “you’re doing absolutely great, just keep hanging in there, I promise it will get better!”

Take the time, always, to smile at others regardless of whether it is returned.  Be kind to everyone you meet for you cannot possibly know what their story is.  Love is what makes this world go around and what we were put here for, to love thy neighbor.

Peace to you, always!

In the Positive Zone


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