Act It Until You Make It

Act It Until You Make It
Act It Until You Make It

You’ve got a picture in your head of what you want in life.  You’ve caught yourself at times daydreaming about it.  The picture is very vivid and clear.  Thing is, you’ve never acted on it.  It almost feels impossible, like it’s only a dream.  So you don’t really consider giving too much energy into taking any steps towards it.  You’ll just visit now and again in your little daydreams.  It’s something that others go out there and accomplish, not you.  You say to yourself that that’s something only other people get to enjoy, that’s not you.

Here’s the thing about it, you can be that other person that accomplishes it.  Want to know how to put it into motion?  Try this:

Act it out-  BE that other person you see doing those things you’ve always considered impossible.  Go ahead and play the part. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how.  Pretend you’re in acting lessons.  This doesn’t mean that you’re trying to be someone you’re not.  It means you are convincing that fearful side of you that you can do these things you’ve always told yourself you couldn’t.  You can have this.  You are no different than those other people you see accomplishing things.  You just gotta keep reminding yourself of that.  Play the part, really get into the scene, believe it.

Take the steps-  Yes, it’s scary but how bad do you want this?  You have to really want it in order to override that fear.  You have to want it so bad you can feel it, taste it, see it.  You hear that little fear voice in the background telling you it’s not possible, you’re not strong enough, smart enough, good enough.  But instead of listening to it and allowing it to stop you, you go ahead and take that first step.  Sometimes you don’t even have a clue of what step it is to take, and that’s when you listen to your gut instincts.  Just start moving and doing while focusing on that picture of yourself accomplishing this goal, seeing yourself be that person you want to be.  The motion is started.  You will find yourself moving in the direction that takes you where you need to be.  That’s called your subconscious mind that follows through with your intentions.  You think it, believe it, act it out, take the necessary steps.  It will happen.  Your subconscious will make sure it happens.

How do I feel confident in this?  I’ve done it and it works.  Many times I’ve acted out the part I wanted.  I surprised myself with what I could actually do.  The trick is to keep practicing this until it becomes your way of life.  Don’t ever allow the fear and doubts to enter and drag you down.  I can remember a time when I wanted to be that person I saw that was always smiling and making others feel good.  I came from a very negative and dysfunctional family environment, so being positive and smiley was never who I was used to being.  I made up my mind that I was tired of being negative and sad all the time.  I told myself that if those people I see smiling all the time can be that way, so can I.  From that day on, I began being that person I wanted to be.  Soon, my nickname became Smiley!  Ha, me known as Smiley!

So, it is up to you want you want.  You want it, act it out.

In the Positive Zone


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