Miserable or Motivated- Your Choice

Miserable or Motivated- Your Choice.
Miserable or Motivated- Your Choice.

It’s true, you can choose to sit in your misery or conjure up some motivation.  Is it easy?  Of course it’s not always easy.  I do know the feeling all too well, though.  You find yourself stuck in some sort of rut.  The longer you sit there, the more miserable you feel.  But it almost feels like you can’t move, something has a hold on you.  Each thought becomes more and more negative by the moment.  You feel irritable with everyone and everything.  Yet, getting yourself up and moving is all it takes to get past that misery.

Sometimes you just have to use force with yourself.  Use discipline like you would with a child.  Our minds can sometimes be cluttered and running around like little undisciplined kids.  You have to be the adult and take charge over it.  Tell yourself it’s time to get up, get moving whether you feel like it or not.  No excuses.  Just move.  That movement is what creates more motivation.  The more you move, the busier you get, the more motivated you become.  Refrain from allowing yourself to sit in your misery.  It’s always your choice.  If you don’t like the way you’re feeling, change it.

In the Positive Zone


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