The Link Between Your Thoughts & Stress

The Link Between Your Thoughts & Stress
The Link Between Your Thoughts & Stress

How do you react to stress?  If you’re like me, you probably get short with others and your anxiety goes into overdrive.  Some people handle stressful situations better than others.  I am not one of those people.  I continue to practice controlling my thoughts whenever those stressful situations arise.  And it does take a tremendous amount of practice.  For that reason, I never even gave one thought about going into the medical field!

If you can, next time you find yourself in one of those stressful times, pay attention to your thoughts.  If you can manage to get control over them, you can immediately calm yourself down in order to take care of whatever you must in the best possible way.  What makes things 10x worse on ourselves is reacting off of our emotions.  Take note of your thoughts.  Are they thoughts such as “oh no, just kill me now!” or “this is a disaster, I just give up.”?  Thoughts like that only send you further into paralysis.  Try substituting them for thoughts like this “it’s okay, it’ll all be okay” “I’ll handle this just fine, done it before and I’ll do it again” “just stay calm, I can handle this, all is well.”  Talk to yourself in a way that a good friend would talk to you if they were trying to reassure and comfort you.  Remind yourself that reacting off of your emotions does nothing to take care of the problem in front of you.  It only creates more stress.

So, next time around take a nice deep breath in and hold it for 4 counts and release for a count of 8.  Do that 3 times in a row while repeating to yourself to stay calm and you’re in control.

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