How to Keep A Positive Mindset

In the Positive Zone
In the Positive Zone

But how do you this?  How do you get your mind to stay positive?  I have found, for my own self, that repeating positive affirmations over and over gets me nowhere except more frustrated.  The words don’t always ring true for me.  I feel like I am ignoring how I really feel deep within.  That I’m not being totally honest with myself.  Not that repeating positive words is a bad thing, it’s just it doesn’t seem to truly change things in the deepest part of your subconscious.  You’re repeating the words, but not fooling your subconscious mind.  There may very well be some people out there that this has worked well.  And that’s fantastic!  But for those of you that have had no luck with it, I’ll just throw out there some of the things that have and still do help me to stay in a positive mind.

So, check it out:

I keep a mental picture in my mind of what it is I truly want in life.  Each time a negative thought comes barreling its way through my mind, I stop and take a few deep breaths and conjure up that same mental picture.  Sometimes it takes some imagination to do so, but that comes with practice if you don’t already possess that kind of skill.  Paint the picture in vivid colors.  Really get into it, feel yourself there where you want to be.  Feel the feelings of what you think it will feel like being in that scenario.  Make it as real as you can.  Even start acting it out, as though it has already happened, believe it!  Doing this will create the motivation you need and help your mind stay on the positive.

Another technique I use often, and have written about this in another post as well, is I start asking myself questions.  As soon as I recognize a negative pattern beginning with me, I’ll ask questions just as if it were a good friend trying to help me out of my negative thinking trap.  Scenario:  This is never gonna work, I keep trying but it just all seems to be going to hell (Questioning myself:  So is there not any other options actually available?)  If there is, they probably won’t work either. (Questioning myself:  So how could you possible know that without giving them a try?)  What’s the use of putting forth that much energy into something I’ve already flubbed up?  (Questioning myself:  What’s better, keep trying or give up and never really know if you would have succeeded or not?)

You get the gist of it, right?

Those are a couple of ways that I keep myself on the up and up.  No, it’s not always easy, without a doubt.  I struggle at times.  But I refuse to allow myself to stay stuck in the negative!

In the Positive Zone


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