You Gotta be Hungry!


I’m learning. By reading and observing that we’re all in this boat together in life. There’s no one person more special, more deserving, more fantastic, more anything, than anyone else. It only appears that way on the outside. These people who became successful, either through Hollywood acting or singing sensations, are really absolutely no different than anyone else out here. It’s just that they happened to be one of those people that stuck to the idea of what they wanted in life and didn’t quit. Anybody can do it, basically. But not everybody does. Most of us discount our true abilities. We don’t believe in ourselves enough. We shrug off big ideas because it doesn’t sound right. It’s just not us. Those people are somehow different, right? Wrong!

Whatever it is that inspires you, motivates you, moves you, do that. Get rid of the doubts, the negative thoughts, quit hem hawing around about it all and Just Do It! Don’t over analyze it. Don’t try to plan it all out. Just take the steps necessary to get to where it is you never thought you could get to. It can happen. It just takes action. Step, step, step and step by step. You don’t have to know how, you just have to have the desire. The know how will come with each little step you take. Do those things you’ve always said is just not you. Move out of that comfort zone and discover just how capable you really are.

Is it easy? No, not always. But you have to remind yourself of the big rewards that can come from it all. Is it a guarantee that you’ll reach the mark? It all depends on you and your choices. And sometimes, you may not reach that particular mark you intended on because there could be something even better in store for you. Just have faith. Believe and have faith. Make the decision that you will stay on the path, no matter what. Know that you will succeed.

Start stepping and taking action today! It can happen.

In the Positive Zone


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