Hang Tight

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Sweet Lemon Tees

When you find yourself in the middle of those situations where everything feels as though they’re hitting you like a ton of bricks, hang tight.

The emotions are like a roller coaster. You feel as if you can’t get a good breath. You feel slightly light-headed. Your soul feels heavy. This is called high anxiety and it will subside.

tree-frog-800936_1280 When things get difficult, hang tight, it’s only temporary.

Step back, if you can, and try to see the big picture. See the anxiety and the emotions as something temporary. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling like you do, it’s only natural in these circumstances. Learn to step outside of yourself and just observe the situation. Talk to yourself as a good, trusted friend would. Use words of comfort, understanding, and support. Tell yourself everything is going to be okay and you’ll get through this just like you’ve gotten through so…

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