Thoughts About Fall


Such a beautiful Fall morning. Love the feeling in the air. Love the smells that come with the crisp Fall air. Love to go hiking in the woods, take a break, sit on a stump and just listen to the wind and the beautifully colored leaves falling to the ground. The breeze is a little on the nippy side, but oh the sun’s rays that come down and warm you.

Love getting a nice hot Caramel Mocha Latte and sitting down on a comfy outside chair all wrapped up in my cozy sweater. Something so soothing about that scenario. I love it!


So many things I can think of that comfort me about this time of year-

  • Taking a horse carriage ride through an historic touristy type town.
  • The smell of distant wood -burning fireplaces.
  • Hay rides
  • Walks in the park
  • Sitting by a bonfire
  • Hot cocoa/Latte/Coffee
  • Breaking out the Fall clothing, hoodies, boots
  • Beautiful Fall leaves

What else?  Those are the few things that come to my mind.  Go ahead, add to it.

In the Positive Zone


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