When You Feel Like Giving Up— Do This First


So many times I’ve felt like giving up.  You know the feeling I’m talking about, I’m sure.  You’re tired, exhausted, don’t feel likeyou can keep going even for one more second.  You feel like it’s just too hard to do and would be so much easier if you stop right now and give it up.  “What’s the use?” is a favorite line I’ve used many times before.  And this goes for anything in life.  In the gym, on a diet, business venture, overcoming addictions, etc.

You want to see results, like RIGHT NOW!  But any time I’ve given up on something too soon, I’ve always regretted it.  Never fails.  I look back and get disappointed in myself for giving in too soon.  I tell myself “I could have kept going, I wish I would now I would have.”

There are times, though, that I made the choice to stick with it.  And it pays off, big time!  I struggled with quitting smoking.  I’d stop and have all the best intentions in the world only to go right back to it after about 3 months.  When I finally made up mind once and for all, and was sick of wheezing every morning and having no energy, I quit.  I quit for good.  That was about 15 years ago.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy by no means!  But it was worth the pain of withdrawal.  Each time I struggled with whether to break down and go buy another pack and just forget this “trying to quit” crap, I’d stop and ask myself “now WHY did I want to quit in the first place??”  And that’s what did it.  Point blank.

I did the same thing with swearing off sweets.  Oh man, that was even tougher than quitting smoking, believe it or not!  I got through those horrible withdrawals though.  And I am so glad I stuck with it.  Each time, “now WHY did I want to quit in the first place??  Oh yeah, that’s right!”  Try it, it works.

I’m currently in a new business venture where I’m putting this little trick to the test once again.  I’ve been pretty consistent with sticking with my intentions.  But here lately, the test is getting a little more difficult.  Part of me, that impatient part, says “this ain’t never gonna work, what I am doing, what am I thinking, this is just wishful thinking!”  Yes, I struggle with this every day. But I know that if I give up, I’ll have to deal with disappointment for doing so.

It’s important, with anything you do, to remind yourself of why you decided to do it in the first place.  Keep that foremost in your mind.  Focus on the end result instead of the current pain.  Nothing good ever happens without some type of hard work and sacrifice!

In the Positive Zone


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