How To Attract The Positive


Some people think the Law of Attraction is mumbo jumbo psycho-babble.  That’s what I’ve heard from some people I’ve come across anyhow.  Sure, it’s doesn’t always work out perfectly, but nevertheless the idea is to become more aware of your thoughts.  It’s true whatever kind of thoughts you are consistently focusing on is exactly what you attract into your life.

Look over the information in the chart above.  Click on it if you can’t read it.  It gives you 10 ways to make changes in your mindset.  I’ve been practicing this for many years now and it has worked well for me, not that I don’t ever struggle or stumble, I’m just able to pick myself back up a lot quicker.

Are you already familiar with this?  Do you already practice this?  Share your thoughts.

In the Positive Zone

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  1. James Brumsey says:

    I have been a devout believer of the law of attraction, and the power of the universe. I try to keep it at the forfront of my conscienceness. When my cognitive breaks down it is usually because I have abandoned the law.


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