Trick or Treat


It’s that time of year again.  Time for all the little Trick or Treater’s to dress up in their adorable costumes and gathering as much candy as possible.  Back in my childhood days, times were different than they are today.  We would go walking for miles around different neighborhoods, with a group of friends, without parental supervision.  Come back home around midnight with more candy than you can imagine!  Those were the days, my friend, I thought they’d never end ( a little catchy song from 1968 by Mary Hopkin.)  I can remember how excited we all were at school on that day.  We usually had a party and would go ahead and start wearing our costumes we’d be donning that night.

Favorite Costume:  5th grade.  One of my favorite costumes I ever dressed in was a gypsy getup.  It was homemade and it was fabulous!  Lots of rings and bracelets and makeup.

Most Memorable:  4 yrs. old.  Wore a plain white sheet with 2 holes for eyes and 1 for the mouth.  I sat on the front porch petrified by it all.  Didn’t move a muscle for a while until I was urged to get up and get going.

Times have changed, so be careful out there on Halloween night.  What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever seen?

In the Positive Zone


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