Good Deeds


Yesterday I found myself in one of those times where you have an opportunity to help someone in need.  Ah yes,  it felt good to lend a hand.  It always does.  A young couple were trying to push their car out of the way of someone’s driveway entrance.  They had got stuck there when they ran out of gas and accidentally coasted into that spot.  I stopped over to see if I could help.  So, I did my good deed for the day and took the girl up to the store for a gas can and gas.  I realized, after hearing a snippet of her story, that her and her husband or boyfriend had been in a tight spot for the past year, so I went ahead and offered to buy the gas can (which was WAY over priced in that little corner store) and gas.  I could tell she felt bad about having to have a stranger buy it for her.  I kept assuring her I’ve been there in that same kind of spot, and I honestly have.  So, I totally empathized with her situation.

I started thinking, and the whole reason for this article actually, that it’s weird how much you can find out about a person’s life in such a short amount of time.  It was only a short ride to the store and back, but I learned of her hardship and could hear her life struggle in her voice and could see it in her eyes.  I wanted to be able to talk with her a while longer and maybe help encourage her to never give up hope.  But there wasn’t enough time as I was already late for an appointment and they needed to get to where they needed to go.

When you happen to come across people out here like that and hear their struggles in life, it gives you a different perspective on your own life.  You start thinking about all your many blessings and what you’re so very grateful for. Every day things that we tend to take for granted are suddenly more appreciated.  It makes you want to just go out there and find people who need help.

I’d like to start my own list of Acts of Kindness to carry out each week.  Yep, good idea!

In the Positive Zone


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