Laughter- the best medicine of all!

Having one of those days?  Oh, I know the feeling.  It’s hard to think positive when things are not going quite our way.  But listening to Rosanna Rosannadanna is sure to lighten your mood!

Make sure to find the humor in things when you’re having one of those kind of days.  It sure helps you to get through it a lot easier.

Sometimes on those days, after I hit the height of stress, I force myself to find something to laugh about.  I’ll remind myself of something in the past that got me to laughing so hard I cried.  Just anything that will spark laughter or even just a smile will do.  It’s a natural stress reliever and after a good chuckle or two, the things you were stressing about will seem a lot lighter.  Learn to laugh the stress away.  Make a joke out of it all.  I know there are things that demand serious thoughts, but keep it balanced.

Put me in a situation where I’m surrounded by seriousness 24/7 and I would just as soon be dead.  I love to laugh, often.  And believe me, I do!  I try to make light of the difficult things in my life.  That’s the way I stay happy.

I hope you get a little laugh outta this video from an old SNL skit.  Are you laughing yet?


In the Positive Zone


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