Four Meditation Practices to Quiet Your Mind | eBay

Yes, meditation is the key to an emotionally balanced life.  It’s never that easy at first if you’ve never tried it.  It is, however, something you get better at with daily practice.  Our problem is that we say we’re too busy to just sit there in mediation, that it takes too long.  Truth is you can start out by practicing for just 5 simple minutes a day.  And that’s enough to get you going in the right direction.  You can work your way up to a longer session if you desire.  If you think about it, there are plenty of times during the day that you could substitute some mindless activity with meditation.

I’ve always had a difficult time disciplining myself to practice this due to my high anxiety.  But once I start it, I’m always so glad I made myself do it.  It’s such a tremendous help for anyone who suffers with obsessive worrying or anxiety.

Disciplining your mind and getting control over your thoughts is the first step to any kind of real change in your life.  Most of us go mindlessly through our day without even being aware of the negativity we buy into. You can become more self aware by practicing meditation on a regular basis.  Even if you start out with just twice a week you’ll notice a difference in how you think and feel.

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Source: Four Meditation Practices to Quiet Your Mind | eBay


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