Food and Mind Connection


My  personal fav:  Salmon Burger for Anxiety

2nd fav:  Spinach for Sluggishness

It’s amazing how many healthy foods there are that actually improve your emotional health as well as physical health. They say you are what you eat.  There’s truth in that statement.  If you’re in the habit of eating lots of processed, fried foods odds are you’re probably not at your best mentally or physically.

Whether you’re suffering from emotional distress or physical ailments, changing your diet to a “clean diet” can really help reverse many problems.

There once was a time in my life where I fell into the old junk food routine.  Every day, eating fast food.  Sure, it tasted good and was comforting but it had so many negative effects on me.  Weight gain, depression, anxiety, mood swings.  I got so tired of feeling bad that I finally made the change.  I got up one day and said no more.  I switched my diet around to 100% healthy eating.  And let me tell you, the taste for that junk food eventually passes.  I couldn’t believe how much better and lighter I felt eating clean!  That taste you get accustomed to can be broken, just like any other habit.  Once you discipline yourself enough to make that big change, your taste buds will also change.  You will eventually crave only the healthy stuff.

That was about 25 years ago that I made that change and since then, if I try to eat fast food today I will get sick, literally sick.  I haven’t craved greasy, fried fast food in so long I forgot the feeling.  Your body will thank you for making the change.  You will feel stronger and healthier in every way possible.

Take a look at that chart and go from there.

In the Positive Zone


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