7 Day Smartphone Detox

I challenge you to challenge yourself to do this Smartphone Detox.  Think you can do it?  I really do think it’s a marvelous idea.  It’s just like anything else out here that we think we can’t do without.  So many people have become addicted to their phones.  So much so that they don’t ever take time to notice and enjoy the true simplicity of life.  Life is happening out there, don’t allow yourself to be so immersed in your tech products that you miss out on the beauty around you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m not guilty of this.  I know I am without a doubt.  Although, I must say that I do put all phones and ipads down and away on certain days.  And those kind of days, without those things, are such a nice break.  But it needs to be done more often in my opinion.

So, what do you think, willing to try it?  Let me know what happens.

In the Positive Zone


7 Day Smartphone Detox

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