The True Oddball


Oddball:  a synonym for Weird.  Definition of Weird:  involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny; fantastic; bizarre.

But the kind of weird I’m talking about is that kid in school that everyone knows as the oddball.  They just act different. They usually only have maybe one good friend that’s decided to take pity and hang out with them when they’re not with their usual group of friends.  They never get into the popular party scenes.  They stay far away from it.  They’re idea of fun is going to movies or the library, maybe occasionally some big social event but only to try to prove they’re not that much of a stick in the mud or a fuddy dudd.

Truly they don’t like trying to be like the crowd.  They honestly enjoy being a little “odd”, a little different than others. They’re not a crowd follower by no means.  And this is actually not a bad quality to have.

Yes, I was one of those “oddball” kids throughout school.  I’m probably even still considered one as an adult.  I like to do my own thing.  I like, no make that love, being different than the crowd.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love people. Love to connect emotionally with others.  I’m a people person, just not a crowd person.

I’ve come across a few “oddballers” along my way and we hit it off right from the get go.  There’s a certain kind of understanding there that others don’t always get.

Truth is it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around.  Whether you’re an oddball or crowd lover, love yourself just as you are.  Appreciate your qualities and strengths.  Do the same with others.

If you can relate to this, share.

In the Positive Zone


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