How to Deal with that One in the Group


There’s always one in the group.  The one that has to create some kind of tension, drama and attempt to drum up some kind of argument.  I think a person is programmed this way from early in life.  Maybe they grew up in a hostile and negative environment.  They don’t know how to operate or live any other way.  And it seems as though the more positive you are, the more negative they get.  They almost seem to draw energy from causing a ruckus.

So how do you deal with those type of people?  Let me tell you, when you’re a super sensitive soul it’s difficult.  Those kind of people can say things that make you doubt yourself and your words you speak.  But what I’ve learned in the past about these type individuals is that the more you engage in their non-sensical diatribe, the more enjoyment they get from it. That’s exactly what they want you to do.  Don’t do it.  Don’t get trapped in their web.  Stay above that level and don’t allow their words to sway your confidence.  Don’t allow them to make you doubt yourself. Let them wallow around in the mud by themselves.

It’s sad to see people live with such negative energy.  And all you can really do is stay true to yourself and practice inner peace daily.  Sooner or later, you’ll run into a few here and there.  Practice remaining calm and in control of your thoughts and emotions while in their company.  Whatever you do, do not play their game.  You will be attacked further if you do so. I’ve known people who do engage in their game and it then becomes a full blown argument, complete with childish name calling.  Just stop right there.  To go any further with it is insanity.  You will not win.  These people do this on a daily basis and are experts at it.  Leave it to them and go on with your day.  Let them stay stuck in their muck.  You don’t have to be stuck in there with them.  Wish them well, and be done with it.

Can you relate?

In the Positive Zone


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