How Fragile This Life

Ever think about how fragile life is?  It truly is.  My late grandmother lost her husband when he was only 42 yrs. old.  Got up one morning to go to work.  All was well.  Had breakfast, kissed her on the cheek, and said I’ll see you later. Afternoon arrives and she receives a phone call alerting her of the tragic news.  He had had a heartache while at work and died.  She never got to say anything else to him, to tell him she loved him again.  Gone.  Just like that.  I never got to meet my grandfather as I wasn’t born yet when he died.  But I heard so many wonderful things about him.

Another instance in my life that I’ve experienced, is when my sister died.  I got a phone call one morning from my other sister.  She had been crying, I could tell by her crackly voice.  She barely got the words out that our older sister had died suddenly.  There was no terminal disease, no major health problems.  And I had just talked to and seen her not too terribly long before that.  It was a horrible shock that took a while to really grieve.  I still miss her to this day and it’s been 7 years now.

I guess I think about these things a lot more now at this age (51)  than I ever have before.  But I find myself thinking about it frequently which in return brings such feelings of gratitude and thankfulness.  Whenever I get to worrying about little insignificant things, I stop and remind myself that life truly is short and none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. That always helps me put things in a better perspective.

Don’t dwell on the bad in life.  Keep your focus on all that is good, and pure, and lovely.  Practice positive thinking daily and always remind yourself of how fragile life really is.

In the Positive Zone


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