Challenge Yourself to Find a Way


Take what you have and make do with it.  Or is it, make do with what you have?  Well, either way, same meaning.  Sometimes you can feel like everything needs to be perfect in order to go forward.  But you know what, it really doesn’t.  If you don’t have the exact perfect tools you think you have to have, then improvise.  Get creative.  But I’m not a creative person, you say. Doesn’t matter, you have all the capability you need deep within.  You just gotta pull out.  Get your mind recharged by filling it with possibilities.

I can remember a time when my home was on a semi truck.  Yes, a semi truck that only had enough room behind the front seats to lie down and go to sleep.  Couldn’t stand up in there.  Wasn’t one of these newer versions that are almost as fancy as an R.V.  That was to literally be my home for a full year.  I was, and am and always will be a workout freak.  Knowing that I would be on this truck with no possibilities of getting to the gym, I improvised.  I bought a medium sized portable step machine, no arms to it, just the base.  We stuffed it into the outside compartment, along with my 2 dumbbells and a clock.  I made it work.  Now, we weren’t able to stop and stay at nice hotels, nope had to sleep in the old truck.  And what’s even worse, is we weren’t able to stop for showers but every 2 days.  Nasty, huh?  Yep, I was stuck in this situation.  At first, I wondered how in the heck am I gonna be okay with this?  Then I made the choice to challenge myself to make these things work for my benefit.

Every evening, we would stop at a truck stop.  I would get my little stepper, dumbbells, and clock out and workout for an hour in between the big trucks parked.  Oh yeah, there were people who looked at me like I was weird and would chuckle as they walked by, but hey, I was determined that I was going to keep in shape and slim regardless of being on a truck.  I also made it known that I was not going to eat in any truck stop.  I demanded that we get one of those hot/cold coolers to put in the truck and stop at the grocery stores to load up on all healthy natural foods.  I stuck with this that whole year.  I stayed in shape the whole time.  And who knows, maybe some of those ones that walked by and mocked me actually got inspired to lose some of their truck driver weight!  As far as the not being able to take a shower, I bought lots of hats to wear whenever my hair started looking bad.  I bought a lot of gallons of water to brush my teeth and take a, I guess you’d call it a sponge bath.  And you know, all of this is not really necessary when being on a truck, but considering the guy I was married to, well you’d understand it if you knew him.

Thankfully, that part of my life is way back there in the past!  But, I have to say this, I actually loved that challenge it gave me. Just to figure out a way to make things work.  I had refused throughout that whole time to allow myself to get negative. It was sure enough difficult because when I left to get on the truck, my dad was dying of cancer, and I didn’t want to leave because I knew he could go at any time.  There were things left unsaid and things that needed closure.  It was so very rough to get through that.  But, I knew that I just had to do what I had to do.

So, take what you have and make it work, regardless of whether you think you don’t have what you need. Get creative.  Get your mind working.  You can do it.

In the Positive Zone


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