7 Ways to Immediately Boost your Mood in the Home


#1-  Bring in the LIGHT.  When you’re at home, create a soft natural light from the window by changing your window dressing to something sheer.  You don’t want too bright of light, just a soft filtering of light.  Studies have shown that just 15 minutes of sunlight a day is enough to stave off depressive thoughts.  And it makes sense.  Light overcomes dark moods.


#2-  Make sure you have some type of flowers near you.  A nice floral arrangement, even one that you pick from outside, is enough to raise your sense of well being, just make them muted colors, unless you’re needing more energy, then pick bright colored flowers such as daisies.  Stick with choices such as summer roses or white hydrangeas.


#3-  Light candles at night.  The ambiance glow will have a similar effect as the natural light during the day.  Pick the smell that invokes the most calming and comforting feelings.  I got a massage once where the masseuse told me to purchase a candle they had in the same scent she used as the massage oil.  She said that would bring back the same relaxing feelings I had when getting the massage.  The mind registers that smell with the relaxing feeling.


#4-  Surround yourself by at least one item purely white; fluffy pillows, throw pillow, etc.  The color white soothes the mind because it’s not distracting nor over stimulating.  Even just a piece of fabric will do.


#5-  Use different hues of pales or neutral colors on your walls.  Pale greens or blues are always nice because they conjure up thoughts of the ocean or forest

.  blue room 4a bhg

#6-  De-Clutter your surroundings.  When you have things organized it can bring a sense of relaxation and calm.  Clutter can invoke feelings of disarray, chaos and stress.  Must be why I’ve always been such a neat freak, it soothes my nerves to have things organized and in their proper place.  When things are cluttered, it increases my anxiety, makes me feel unbalanced.  Same goes for the mind, de-clutter it to bring in more peace and calm.  Creative-Organizing-Tips

#7-  Make the most of small spaces in your home.  Actually, I’ve always felt a sense of calm and comfort in smaller spaces.  You can really do a lot with a small space to make it extremely comfy and cozy.  Take whatever little space you have and make it your little private sanctuary, complete with quilts, cozy throw pillows, candles, favorite books, comfy chair, relaxing lights, etc.


In the Positive Zone


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  1. Sandi McCarthy says:

    I’m just finding out how much I thoroughly enjoy this site! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to do this for folks like me. God Bless you!


    1. kimmiesmith says:

      Hi Sandi! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I truly enjoy creating every article I post and even more so if I know that people are getting some kind of benefit out of it. Thanks so much for your input, so very appreciated! 🙂


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