The Power of Positive Thinking


Yes, there really is power in positive thinking.  Try this- say the word Bummed.  Now say this- Excited.  Which one makes you feel better?  I’m sure it’s the word “excited.”  A lot of the times we don’t even realize how negative our conversations really are.  And all that does is send you further into negativity.  If you want to feel good, then you need to watch the words you speak in conversations.  And by keeping it positive, you’re also helping those you’re conversing with.  Be a good example and a light for others.

I know it’s not always easy, especially on those certain days when nothing seems to be going right.  But I guarantee you if you change your negative words into more positive, you’ll see a big difference in your overall attitude during the day. You’ll notice that it truly does help you get through the rough spots so much easier and so much more calmly.

Switch up negative words for positive ones and notice the difference in how your body feels.  Pay attention to tense areas in your body, aches, tightness of muscles, or digestive upsets.  The emotions and body are closely connected.  If you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration then more than likely you’re going to feel it somewhere in your body.  Take note of it.  Then try to take a few short moments and clear your mind of it all.  Put yourself in a place where you feel total comfort and relaxation in your minds eye.  Feel all the feelings, smells and sights in that little comfort place of yours.  Doing that for just 5 or 10 short minutes a day can really do wonders for your well being.

In the Positive Zone


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