It’s Only Anxiety- You’ll Be Okay


We all experience some kind of anxiety in our lives from time to time.  But there’s another whole level of anxiety that for those of you who experience it daily can completely relate to what you’re about to read.

Social Anxiety:

You often make excuses when someone invites you to something where many people will be gathered.  Sometimes it can even be a gathering of only a few people.  The idea of being stuck without a way to escape easily can send your anxiety through the roof, and even make you physically ill.  You conjure up a scenario, very vividly, of how excruciating it will be, having to sit around a group of people even if you know some of them.  Even just the thought of someone asking you a question about yourself in front of others can make you start trembling before you even get there, just knowing that people will be noticing your face turning red and your hands shaking.  You’ve convinced yourself that everyone will have a negative opinion about you which makes it even harder to speak.  You want nothing more than to be able to be relaxed and totally yourself around groups of people, no fear of speaking up, but it just doesn’t happen.

And then there’s the stress of friends and family that don’t understand why you do the things you do.  It can easily be misinterpreted as if you are a cold and standoffish type person who doesn’t care to converse with others.  But we know for a fact that that doesn’t describe who we really are.  We are great conversationalist when conversing one on one.  Our true selves shine.  There is no threat.

The main thing to remember, if you suffer with this condition, is to know that you will be okay.  Know that everyone has something they struggle with in life.  You are never alone.  There is a world full of people who struggle with the exact same thing as you do.  But you will survive it.  And you can certainly learn how to cope and deal with it so that it doesn’t interfere with your inner peace.  It’s OKAY that you prefer to steer clear of large groups of people or decline that invitation to an event.  Just do what you are most comfortable with, but don’t stop striving to overcome.  Be sure to give yourself challenges along the way and then reward yourself for it when you conquer a new step.  Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not where you’d rather be.  Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come and what you have survived.  In other words, be your own best friend and cheerleader.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

You stress over both the big things and the little things.  And then after they’re done and over and all is well, BAM here comes the numbing in the arms and hands, the increased heartbeat, the dizziness, the stomach upset.  At first onset of GAD, you really believe that there’s something physically wrong with you.  You go have tests done and the doc comes back and says “you’re problem is not physical, it’s mental, you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder.”  Before this, you knew nothing about it or how it can affect a person.  Now that the doc has told you this, you start to panic more.  In fact, you panic over everything.  Even the smallest of things can trigger the panic mode.  And each time, you feel it in your body.  It’s almost like there’s no stopping it once you’re in a full blown attack.  Like it’s got a mind of it’s own.  You can literally feel like you’re going nuts!  The thoughts keep spiraling out of control, you don’t want to sit, stand, lay down, talk.  Others around who don’t understand this condition might think you’re just loony.

So you resort to taking medication for it.  Usually the most popular is Alprazolam (Xanax.)  And while it does take the edge off, you don’t want to have to be dependent on a drug to take care of it.

Just like what I said above about Social Anxiety, remind yourself you will be okay.  You are definitely not alone.  Many suffer with this same condition.  Some people you meet out and about you would never know this.  One thing is for sure, using EFT (emotional freedom technique, a healing tapping solution) is a lifesaver.  It has helped me more than anything else for getting control before a panic attack even happens.  If you follow my Facebook Page, Morning Moments with Positive Energy, you will find videos of me giving an example of how it’s done.

OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

You can’t walk on any floors away from home, step on shower floors away from home, sit on toilets away from home or sleep in any bed away from home.  You can literally feel germs seeping up from them onto your skin contaminating you. You fear getting sick so you avoid going to crowded places during the winter months.  This is not just your typical worry about getting sick, this is borderline phobia, doing anything it takes to avoid it at all costs.

You straighten things in a drawer or cabinet over and over until it feels right, and sometimes that can take a while which only creates more anxiety.  When you’re away from home and you see something on a table or a shelf that just doesn’t align perfectly, you feel compelled to go straighten it, but you worry about what people will think.  You even do this at a friends house, find yourself straightening something in front of them.  But it’s always a little less stressful with them because, if they’re good friends, they already know this about you and don’t think much about it.

Yes, there are many other things people with OCD do other than what I listed, but it’s all categorized under the heading of an Anxiety Disorder.  It is a real thing and it can be devastating at times.  And there are different levels of it as well.  I’ve known people with severe cases of it and it’s difficult to see.  I, myself, have a less severe level of it, but still enough to increase my anxiety levels.

I have used EFT on this area in my life as well, with a significant improvement.  There’s also Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and that works amazingly well.  Whatever you do, work on accepting yourself right where you’re at.  Treat yourself kindly and be patient.

With any of these disorders, you can improve your quality of life just by using certain healing tools that are available to anyone.  I offer a sample of one of these tools, EFT, on my Morning Moments with Positive Energy Facebook page.

In the Positive Zone


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