Accept It And Deal With It


You want things to go how you planned and when they don’t, you complain.  It’s just the way we learn to do from early on, unless you’ve been taught differently.  It’s raining and you think “just great, that ruins everything!” or “they changed their plans, boy that sure messes things up for me!”  But how do you stay positive and refrain from complaining when what’s happening just plain sucks?

I had a friend that once told me “just accept it and deal with it.”  That stuck with me for years.  Each time I recognized when I was complaining I would repeat that to myself over and over.  It seemed to click with me.  It helped me to stop my negative thoughts about the event that I had no control over.  I started thinking how much it does absolutely no good to moan and groan about it when I have no control over it.  All it ever seems to do is cause me more frustration because I keep thinking about it and how much it’s not how I want it to be.

Thing is I don’t think it’s bad to express your feelings about how much you think it sucks.  The problem is when you allow it to stick around a while and ruin your mood for the next hour or more.  Just yell out “THIS SUCKS” and then get on with it, get over it, accept it and deal with it.  That’s just life.  Start thinking about and get excited about your next plan.

What my friend told me was simple and to the point.  It made a difference in my life.  Just those few words is all it took. Those words may or may not work for you.  If they don’t, find some that will.  Repeat them to yourself each time you notice yourself complaining.  Notice how much better you feel when you simply let go and realize it’s not that big a deal. Let go of the idea that everything must happen the way you plan.  Decide that you will deal with whatever comes your way in the best way possible, most positive way possible.

The turnaround for my mindset has been significant since hearing those words.  It’s been a daily practice for me but it certainly didn’t happen over night.  Change happens once you start to become more self aware.  And like I’ve mentioned before, there are certain tools you can use to help you achieve that, like EFT the healing tapping technique that I teach people over on Morning Moments with Positive Energy.

Peace to you and take care of yourself!

In the Positive Zone


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