50 Little Ways to Show Your Kindness

50 Little Ways To Show Your Kindness

Who doesn’t love to know that others care?  It’s what makes life so sweet when we find ourselves in a sour spot.  The kindness from others, from strangers or those close to us, is what helps keep us going at times.  When you spread that love and kindness to everyone, you help make this world a much better place.  You help brighten the darkness.  But don’t do it just because it’s the right thing to do, do it because you feel it in your heart.  And if by chance you don’t feel it in your heart, doing one simple little act of kindness is sure to soften the heart tremendously.  You never know what stranger you come across out here that may truly be in a struggle.  That one person that you would never know is contemplating suicide, or is being abused, or wrapped up in extreme addiction, or about to lose everything they have.  And sometimes, all it might take is for this one little act of kindness from a stranger to turn things around for them.

Here’s a little list I concocted of 50 things you could do to help encourage another.  Pick a favorite, Put it in action, and Share with others.

#1   Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in line or drive-thru

#2   Send a little gift or flowers to someone you know that is at home sick

#3   Leave an extra tip to the waitress (never know what hardships someone is going through)

#4   Give the cashier or someone working at the desk a compliment

#5   Gather clothes you rarely wear and take them to a homeless shelter or crisis center

#6   Go visit an elderly person in a nursing home or retirement facility

#7   Volunteer as a mentor for a needy child in Big Brothers/Big Sisters program

#8   Leave a little encouraging/inspirational note on someone’s car

#9   Send a text to someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time telling them you’re thinking of them

#10 Send an encouraging note to 5 people on your FB friends list

#11 Say a kind word to someone who has snubbed you

#12 Treat a friend to dinner and drinks or a movie

#13 Donate a few dollars to someone needing help financially with hospital bills

#14 Let the person behind you go first

#15 Take an old purse you no longer carry and fill it with necessities and give to a homeless person

#16 Offer a hot cooked meal to a homeless person

#17 Put your phone away when listening to someone talk

#18 Adopt a shelter animal

#19 Pick up trash someone else has thrown down

#20 Return that extra shopping cart someone abandoned

#21 Offer a neighbor who is sick to go run an errand for them

#22 Give someone a hug for no reason

#23 Take flowers to someone in the hospital even if you don’t know them

#24 Send a Thank You note to someone you haven’t seen in forever that once helped you in some way

#25 Send an I Forgive You note to someone who wronged you

#26 Offer to listen to someone who might be feeling down on their luck

#27 Pay for someone’s parking fee

#28 Offer someone a ride who just missed their bus

#29 Offer someone help that looks lost

#30 Offer to work late for someone

#31 Offer help to someone who’s car broke down on the side of the road

#32 Give others your smile, even the ones who are rude to you

#33 Offer your loved one a neck massage after a hard day at work

#34 Offer to wash a friends car that just returned from a long trip

#35 Pay the toll for the car behind you

#36 Go visit someone who you know has been dealing with depression or lonliness

#37 Offer someone that doesn’t have any family to join yours for Thanksgiving or Christmas

#38 Act on your spontaniety when the idea arises of something kind you could for someone

#39 Bring baked goodies or coffee for coworkers one morning

#40 Start a charity drive for the needy

#41 Offer the new neighbor on the block a dinner or lunch invitation

#42 Refrain from typing out the angry comment online on FB or other social site

#43 Be the one person in the group to say something nice about the person the others are bad mouthing

#44 Talk to the new shy person in a group and make sure they feel welcome

#45 Write someone a letter and send it by US Mail

#46 Take the time to refold or pick up a fallen piece of clothing at a department store

#47 Give a thanks to the owner of a Facebook Page

#48 Give someone a pat on the back

#49 Pick up something from the store that your spouse has mentioned they love but haven’t had in a long time

#50 Help someone who’s struggling to get something from a tall shelf at the store

Have an act of kindness of your own you’d like to share?  Share away!

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