What No One Wants To Talk About- Suicide

We don’t like to talk about such a touchy topic.  But I’m going to do just that in this post.  Because if even just one person that is hurting right now, in this moment, happens to read this and it helps them turn away from ending their life then it is more than worth writing about.

I know all too well the thoughts and the feelings that go through your head during such a time.  I attempted it twice in my life.  The despair you feel.  The loneliness and emptiness.  And the pain you feel in your mind feels almost unbearable. You just want to do whatever it is that will end it.  You don’t feel like you can deal with what life throws at you.  And to even think about having to endure another day feels like absolute torture inside.  You feel weak, hopeless, sad beyond words. Seems as though nothing anyone says makes a difference.

There are people who say only a coward would try to take their own life.  Only someone who is extremely selfish.  Or maybe they say that they must not trust in God very much.  Truth is unless you’ve walked in their shoes, you cannot possibly understand it.  Some people are more prone to depression than others.  A lot of times it is a chemical imbalance that started at a young age.  Then there are people, usually teen to early adult, who grew up in a dysfunctional home that were never taught how to handle rejection or any kind of loss.

When you endure a home life filled with abuse and neglect, you may feel like you’ve been cursed and dealt some very bad cards.  People may say, you’re just wanting pity and get over it, everyone has hard times in life.  And again, unless you’ve been there, you won’t have too great an understanding of someone who is at the brink of ending it all.

Is it just wanting pity?  Usually not.  It’s an honest to goodness pain comparable to a physical pain.  You just grow tired of hurting.  And then sometimes, there’s something deep within you that knows you don’t really want to end it all, you’re just crying out for help.  True, it may be a rather drastic and dramatic way of asking for help, but it’s just how desperate you feel.

I want you to know that you are not alone, ever.  I know exactly the dark feelings and thoughts.  And I’ll let you know this, there is ALWAYS hope regardless of how you might currently feel.  And I’ll tell you another thing I’ve done in one of my extreme depressive episodes, I got up and started moving around.  Yes, just a few minutes of simply moving around started lifting some of that depressive feelings.  Granted, it didn’t take it away, but it did help alleviate some of the pain.  I had to literally force myself to get up and move around.  Then what I did, and it may sound kooky, but I started doing this little tapping thing called EFT (healing tapping technique.)  And within about 15 min. I was feeling so much better that I felt like getting up and working out.  I went from ready to end it all to working out on my elliptical machine.

Now, I realize that some people may have to depend on anti-depressants for this problem.  I’m just one of those people that doesn’t like taking anything and especially something synthetic.  I have just always been adamant about going all natural.  So, I’m not trying to knock medication.  Just do whatever it is you feel you have to do to help yourself.  But, just consider the possibility of giving the EFT a try.  At the top of page, you’ll find a little example of how the EFT works.  If you have any questions or thoughts about any of this, leave a comment or message me on my FB Positive Energy Page.  Much love and peace to you!

In the Positive Zone 


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