Facebook- A Love/Hate Relationship


My friend talked me into it.  Sign up to Facebook, it’s fantastic!  You have what they call a “wall” where your friends can see something you post, just whatever is on your mind or pictures you take. Put them on your wall and watch people respond. Find your friends on there or sign them up.

I took a looksee, and wasn’t too interested.  Seemed like a waste of time.  Just one of those things I didn’t want to take the time to set up.  So I blew it off.  Several months went by and here comes another invite to join.  This time, it looked a little more appealing, not sure exactly why.  I did it.  I gave in and signed up.

Within a short amount of time, I was hooked.  As I gathered more friends on my list, I became more and more addicted.  I was seeing pictures they took of family, friends and places they visited and it was entertaining.  Plus, I was at a place in my life where I didn’t really have a lot going on.  I had a little too much free time on my hands.  It was just a perfect invitation to get hooked on this popular little social site.

Then the whole political scene came in the picture somehow.  The friends I had accumulated started to post political issues and articles on their Newsfeed.  That was another invitation to get hooked into the political conversation.  Bad idea. I got sucked into it.  Before I knew it, that’s all I ever read or commented on.  When that happens, you’re whole attitude and outlook starts to spiral down.  Took me a couple of times to finally distance myself from it all.  Had to delete lots of pages and people off my list.

To counteract that negativity, I decided to build a page based on positive thoughts.  A page where I could post anything and everything that had to do with thinking, doing and being positive.  I knew that it was something I had to do for myself as well as help those that might be seeking the same thing I am, emotional balance.  Things were turning around for me. As long as I kept myself at a distance from the political scene, I would be okay.  I’m only human, though, so once more I got suckered into the vicious cycle without even realizing it.  That’s when I decided that I needed to just sign in only as my Positive Energy page so I couldn’t even see any other posts.  I focused my attention once again to the positives.  And all is well.

One problem, the powers that be at Facebook decided that if a Page wants their posts to be seen by the followers they’ve already paid to get, they must pay some more.  This can be difficult for someone small scale, such as me.  Any video I attempt to post, usually doesn’t reach but a mere 100 or so people out of 12,000 followers.  The only way anything gets shown to my followers, is if it’s another post that has already had a large number of hits.  This is where the love/hate thing about Facebook comes in for me.

I absolutely love sharing positive thoughts, quotes and messages with my followers and when people actually respond to the posts, it’s even better!  It’s just a shame that people are missing some things I post because most people do not actually visit the page itself, they only see things in their Newsfeed.  I guess that’s just one of those changes Facebook decided to make unfortunately.  So there you have it.  The love/hate relationship.

But I will continue to post the positives of life on my page.  It keeps me in the right attitude.  Keeps me positive and I’m hoping that it’s helping you as well.  Please just remember that the more you SHARE my Page with others, the more my posts gets seen.  I appreciate each and every follower on Positive Energy.

In the Positive Zone


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