The Beauty of Silence


Have you ever practiced meditation?  It’s not as easy as I once thought it would be.  When you suffer with an anxiety disorder, it can feel like murder trying to wipe out all other thoughts.  My mind has really never worked that way.  Ever since I was just a kid, I’ve dealt with anxiety.  I think it’s just something in my wiring coupled with an abusive home life. But, I never stop practicing ways to calm myself.

I’ve tried a number of things to get better control over it such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, EFT, Talk Therapy, etc.  No, it’s still here.  But I will continue doing the things that seem to help me the most.  I try real hard to allot myself some of these “silent” minutes in my day.  And in those minutes, though not easy, I completely let go of all the little nitty gritty thoughts that always cling to my mind like gnats on your skin in humidity.  And I do notice a sense of calmness.  I do believe it is good for the soul, and I also believe that it’s even more effective if you can find you a little spot out in nature.

I think taking a time out from all the little worries and anxieties about what’s to come is very much needed to keep our emotions more balanced. And even if it doesn’t stick for too long, if you do it daily, it accumulates.

In the Positive Zone


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