How I Deal With Sadness


Sometimes I talk incessantly.  And I recognize when I’m doing it.  I can rattle on and on about, nothing.  I do it out of anxiety.  The anxious thoughts usually arise from a painful past.  Talking is my way of diverting my focus away from it.  It helps me focus more on the now instead of the past.  And although it might get a little annoying to others, it seems to keep me on a more positive level.

Some of us had our childhoods ripped away from us and this can create much sadness later in life.  There’s a certain sense of loss and grief.  It’s as though we’ve lost a loved one.  Certain smells, sights, sounds can trigger the sadness.  And you can do all that you possibly can to be a positive thinking and speaking person, but deep down there is forever a sadness. The only thing that can be done is to continue to practice positive thinking.  Continue to do whatever it is that comforts you.  Remember to keep the faith going strong.  Find things that help alleviate your stress, even if it’s talking a lot.  And surround yourself with people that are emotionally supportive and positive minded.

I made a vow to myself long ago that I wouldn’t allow my past to interfere with my inner peace.  I wouldn’t allow it to make me a bitter and negative person.  And I wouldn’t allow it to cause my heart to ever grow cold. I may always have to find ways to divert my focus off of that sadness, but that is what strengthens me.


In the Positive Zone


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