Snow Skiing-not for everyone!


Snow skiing, ever try it?  Like, hate?  Well, it’s definitely not for everyone. I’ll tell you my little snow skiing story…..

It was nearly 15 years ago when I was talked into trying snow skiing.  My ex-husband was the one telling me how fun it was.  I was pretty excited, actually.  I went out and bought a new ski suit, hat, gloves.  I was ready.  So we head to Taos, New Mexico.  This happened to be a year when they had a lot less snow than usual.  Everything was wonderful on day 1.  We go out and I start on the bunny slope.  Now, he had already been skiing several times before and had worked his way up to doing what they call the black diamond.  So, he was a little bored staying there with me and decided to get me an instructor.  She goes over the basics.  And one thing I had a really difficult time with is dismounting the ski lift.  Every single dang time, flat on my butt or forward.  He was telling me all wrong.  The instructor corrected me on it.  After that, no problem, a breeze.

So all is well after the instructor leaves me.  My ex then talks me into progressing up to the green slope.  I’m doing good at this point.  It’s actually pretty fun, but I’m good where I’m at.  Soon, he comes back over and says I really think you could go on to the blue slope.  This seemed a little intimidating to me.  I was just getting comfortable and the hang of the green.  But, after much persuasion I decide to give it a go.  All the while I still have lots of doubt.  And after getting to the top of the blues and look down, oh my word!  He and another guy we met were standing down below coaching me to come on down.  There were pebbles throughout sticking up because of the low snow.

Here we go, down this first part of the blue slope.  I’m gaining LOTS of speed, like too much!  They yell out, fall forward.  I was frozen with fear. A big batch of trees were coming up soon right in front of me.  I thought, this is it, this is the end.  Thankfully, I literally forced myself to fall forward smack dab into the snow.  They came over and I said “do not EVER bring me back skiing again!”  I was angry at the time because #1 I was a little embarrassed with others watching me, and #2 it HURT!

We get back to our room.  I then state that he can go ski the next day but I will be in the sauna room and then snow shoeing.  I absolutely LOVED the snow mobiles and the dog sled.  But skiing, you will never see me out there again.


In the Positive Zone


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