Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

My husband and I ended up having a conversation about this the other day.  We ended up on this subject after feeling a little frustrated from expressing differing thoughts.  It actually ended up with both of us laughing about it.

I’ve of course heard about the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus but honestly have never actually read it.  My husband is the one who read it years ago and mentioned it was an interesting read.  I think the time has come that I will go ahead and read it.

How many couples out there go through the whole lack of understanding of how different we really are?  How many argue and fight consistently, over the smallest things?  I think there is probably more than you imagine.

So, the conversation started out with my need to express some emotions about a personal issue in my life.  I didn’t really want someone to solve it for me, figure it out, tell me what I needed to do, but that’s what I got.  I really just needed something like a sounding board.  You know, I needed to hear myself talk it out.  On the other end, he heard something that he thought he needed to solve, give tough love and all that jazz.  He says if you got a problem, solve it, get over it.  In return, you get frustrated as a woman because what you hear from that is emotions don’t matter.

After becoming a little ticked, he mentions the whole thing about how different men are from women.  You know, the man doesn’t deal in emotions like women so he says “I’m going out to the workshop.”  The woman says “I’m going to call Sally, I need to talk.”  If you think about it, it’s rather comical.  Nevertheless, we ended up laughing about it.  I don’t know how it took me so long to get to this level of understanding these type things, but I’m just glad I’m able to now.  I’m thankful I’m married to someone who I can have a conversation with so calmly and respectfully regardless of how frustrated I might get.


In the Positive Zone


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