Holiday Time Can Be Tough For Some



This post goes out to all those who may be struggling with some kind of difficult issue in your life today.  Whether it’s going through the grief over losing a loved one, or divorce, an addiction, anxiety disorder, loneliness or whatever else weighing heavy on your heart.

This time of year can be difficult for many people.  Not everyone has a big happy and loving family to gather with during these holiday times.  And I think for those of us having a difficult time, we tend to feel as though we are the only ones in this boat.  Truth is, you’re never alone with it.  You have to keep reminding yourself that others share this same feeling with you.  And just knowing that can be a bit more comforting.

I have everything I could have ever wished for in my life today, a loving and respectful husband, a nice home, nice vehicle, 2 adorable pups.  But I still struggle with the after effects of a very painful past.  Certain sights, sounds, smells can trigger sad feelings about the past.  Holiday time can sometimes be the worst since family is no longer family anymore.  And all you can really do is continue to bring out that inner strength to keep fighting the good fight.  Keep working on letting go of each negative, sad thought that comes barreling through your mind.  With each sad thought, forcefully change it to something that makes you smile, that comforts you, makes you feel good inside.  It’s not easy, boy is it not easy.  It really does take a lot of extra effort to get through these kind of times.

I often have to repeat to myself over and over that these are just thoughts, temporary thoughts and feelings.  I have to constantly remind myself that nothing ever stays the same and I will get through this rough patch just as I’ve always gotten through them in the past.  I have survived many hardships in life and I know that that’s what has given me the amazing strength I have today.  God saw to it that I would get through it all.  There are times I  lost the faith during some very dark times, but God never gave up on me.

So, be kind to yourself.  Do things you know makes your soul feel warm. Reach out and try to connect with others instead of isolating yourself. Get busy doing something you love to do.  Record your thoughts down in a journal and read them aloud to yourself, sometimes just hearing yourself talk this stuff out helps more than anything.  We’ll get through this together!

Life can be so very difficult and it can also be very blissful.  I think it’s probably just a mixture, a little sadness and a little joy.  And it definitely…..goes on.


In the Positive Zone


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