Picture It In Your Mind’s Eye


Ever wonder what a Clinical Hypnotherapy session is like?  This is an example of an hypnosis session I offer clients.  This script is for people who have a tough time relaxing and who have insomnia.  Just reading it can also bring you a sense of calm.

So, we start off by relaxing in your favorite chair or sofa.  Take a few nice deep breaths and just allow your eyes to close gently. And now it’s interesting that as you become drowsy and sleepy your mind begins to produce it’s own images.

Awareness goes from the outside to the inside when you start to go to sleep these images, which can be just a split second, we call dream fragments.  Now you don’t need to have very detailed images in your mind, just an approximation.

For instance, you can just get the image of an apple, only for a fleeting second, maybe an apple on a plate or just floating in space.

that’s good

Now you know what the moon looks like and as you begin to relax deeper all over your body, just get the image of the moon in your mind, that’s it, perhaps the space around it can be very dark.


and you can also hold in your mind the image of a car, some kind of car, and just for a split second notice in your mind’s eye what a car might look like, or maybe just a part of a car.

Now when you dream deeply with calm and rest, you imagine sounds and right now just for a second or so, just imagine the sound of a musical note

maybe a piano, or on a guitar perhaps

that’s it

and you could even approximate in your mind the experience of hearing a person drumming their fingers on a desk or hard surface, just for a few seconds.


and now as you notice a deepening kind of calm and rest drift all around you, just notice in your mind what a gentle waterfall might sound like as you relax even deeper, just something like that.


That is just a little sample of how hypnosis works in a session.  I get to know you and your background in the beginning and then we strategize a plan specifically for your situation.  It’s all based upon what it is you are wanting to change in your life or improve on.  The above script was for a client who was struggling with insomnia.  A CD of the session was made for her to take home with her and listen to daily for at least 21 days.  The results depend upon how consistent you are with listening to the CD and how badly you want to make changes.


In the Positive Zone


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