Crushed It!


What happens when you choose to confront your fears?  Right, you gain confidence.  What happens when you continue to cower down from them? Exactly, you lose confidence.

I’ve been in the groove here lately of confronting those fears.  And I’m talking about ginormous fears.  I made the conscious decision to face them head on regardless of how painful it is.  And you know, we all have different fears that others might view as not a big deal.  But our fears are real to us in our minds.  We’ve built these things up into monsters.  Then when we finally do grow tired of backing down to them, we learn that they were really nothing at all.  They were mere thoughts that we convinced ourselves were real threats.

I’m still in the process of facing more of them.  They say once you do it enough times, you finally get comfortable.  That’s my current goal.  I want to keep forcing myself to do these things I’ve feared for so long until I feel that comfortable feeling.  I don’t know how long that will take, but I have already made that vow to myself.  I will not give in to these fears any longer.  It’s time for a change.

So, for the times I’ve recently stood up to them, I literally CRUSHED IT!!


In the Positive Zone


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