No More Competitions


Why do compete with others in our personal lives?  I know that competition is good in certain areas of life, like sports and certain educational activities, but I’m talking about the kind of competition where we knock ourselves out trying to outdo someone else in the area of looks, money, cars, houses, etc.  You know what I’ve come to the conclusion it is? Ego.  Plain and simple, Ego.

I was raised with the message that I needed to be the best, or else, I was worthless.  That message was ingrained in my mind for years and years.  I beat myself up constantly thinking I had to look better and be better in order to be loved and accepted.  And of course, I stayed disappointed in myself all the time because I hadn’t learned the fact that there will always be someone prettier or smarter.  Those looks and words of disappointment hit hard as a kid and in adulthood it was a never ending fight to achieve perfection.  But learned the hard way that nobody is perfect, ever.  You may be able to perfect your skills or talent, but you will never be perfect.  But you don’t have to be perfect to be loved and accepted.

The main thing to remember is that when you finally learn how to truly love and accept yourself, inside and out, you will know peace.  And you will also know how to love and accept others exactly as they are.  We all have flaws, and that’s what makes us unique and lovable.

I have finally reached a point where I not only love and accept myself exactly as I am, but I also like myself, my company.  That was a difficult thing for me to learn in my life.  So many years of self hatred and self abuse.  I look back on it and it makes me sad to think I beat myself up that much when I really didn’t deserve it.  I deserved love and respect.  But I can’t go back and change that now.  I just feel grateful that God lead me to where I am today, He has strengthened me to no end.  I am blessed.

Love and accept yourself, right here and now!


In the Positive Zone


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