Self Help Books Out the Wazoo


In the span of about 20 years I’ve read so many self-help books I can’t even give a number of just how many.  You name it, and I’ve probably read it, maybe even more than once.  And all of them basically say the same thing.  You can read and read and, read but the only thing that will bring about change is action.  I have to say I did gain an enormous amount of motivation with each book I got into, but it was very temporary.  I would feel on fire while reading it but as soon as I dog-eared a page and closed the cover I was right back to square one.

I even think that a part of me wished that the next book would be THE ONE that magically transformed my life. But no, never happened like that. I finally realized that I was depending on those books to make those changes for me.  Once I got to the point of being burnt out on all that reading, I started taking real action in my life.  That’s when I really began to see visible changes.  It took work, a lot of hard core work! But it was worth it.

I’m in no way trying to bash anyone who reads those type of books.  I’m simply giving you my personal experience with it.  I think anything you can do to help yourself be more positive is indeed a great thing.  Everyone is different in how they go about change.  Do whatever you need to do to improve your life.

So, the action steps I take now in creating change is I consistently force myself to do the things I fear the most.  It’s an ongoing process.  And I also find it very helpful, for me anyway, to write (or type in my case) in a journal.  I type everything out that’s on my mind.  It helps me kinda step outside myself, as an observer, and see what I really need to work on.


In the Positive Zone


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