Fame and Fortune


People often view those that are famous and in the limelight as somehow different than us normal folks.  That they are somewhat superior.  And if we were to run into them by chance we would almost act as though they were some kind of a god.  Truth be told, they have problems just as much and maybe even more than you or I put together.

That’s why you hear about so many divorces, suicides and overdoses in Hollywood.  Think about what it would be like if you reached stardom at an early age and then as time went on, the fame began to wind down and dwindle.  You’re no longer quite as famous.  People aren’t doting on you quite as much as they did.   This could be really detrimental to your well being unless you’ve got a really good grip on your outlook of life.  Think about a woman who had a lot attention because of beauty in her youth and then as she ages her looks begin to fade.  Unless she is well grounded and doesn’t allow herself to get caught up in depending on that adoration for her well being, she will have great difficulties in handling that kind of change.

Don’t ever allow yourself to believe that fame and fortune equals automatic happiness.  Sometimes it can mean just the opposite.  Don’t ever think you are inferior to anyone else out here, no matter how famous or successful they may be.  I used to believe I was so inferior to others out here that I thought were so much smarter and prettier than me.  I learned that they’re really no different than me.  I think there’s a  little part in everyone of us that desires to be known and loved by many.  It’s that little ego part of us.

Just remember we’re all little stars to God, very much loved and cared for.


In the Positive Zone


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