Stuckness & Comfort Zones



What do you do when you find that you feel stuck?  Doing the same exact things over and over every single day with the exception of maybe a weekend day.  I guess maybe some people prefer to have a set routine.  But for me, I need variety.  I need to change things up a bit.  So, every now and then I make a conscious effort to change my route to the store or the gym.  I force myself to get up out of that comfy chair in the evening and go attend some event that interests me, go out to eat, meet up with some friends, etc.  It just keeps life more colorful and interesting.  It’s too easy to get stuck in a little comfy zone.  It takes some discipline and effort to get yourself out of that mode.  But when you do, the feeling is so refreshing.  How about you, do you recall times of feeling stuck or are you currently in that situation?  What do YOU do to climb out of it?


In the Positive Zone


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